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Best Of Breed Competition


Dogs divided into groups of about 10


1st Group Cut

GCH Jadems Oliver Twist

CH Stonehavens Gary G Schneiders The Big Kahuna

GCH Millennium Moonshine

GCHTalamascas Big Cheese

GCH Dandylions Blowin'It Out Da Box


also in first group

GCH MCF Midnight Masquerade

GCH Lazy D's Southern Mossy Oak


2nd Group Cut

GCH Kinsmens Her Comes The Sun

CH Britestars Thunder Struck

CH Caledonia's Crusin For A Brusin

GCH Jadems Rythm-N-Boo

GCH Kimmits Rockstar

GCHWillow Ridges Risky Business


also in second group

GCH Rainy Days Eight Second Ride

CH Impressive Wise Guy In D Nyal

GCH Genesis Jethero At Rydalmount

CH Eagle Clans HH Sixty Over Mtn Peak

CH Newgates Romeo In Black Jeans

GCH Impressives Hot Man About Town

CHDivines One Wild Night At Lyoness


3rd Group Cut

CH Forevers Heavy Artillery

GCH Honor Way's Sir Chamberlain Of Hess Country

CH Twinstars Schools Out For Summer Bazinga

GCH Bendegeits William The Brave


also in third group

CH Stonehavens Dirty Deed Of Silvercrest

CH Asgards Knock It Off

CH Regal Duke Of The Desert

CH Jadems Big Bang

The Veteran  ~ CH Fireside Asgard Major Connection


absents were

CH Brownspride This Is Sparta Of Barbary

CH Whispering Oaks Devil May Care


Dana at Redgate
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