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We are driving to see a female pup on Sunday. If we bring her home,
What do we name her? HELP!

She is very light fawn, with a full black mask. My husband likes all the
Big dog names...tank, diesel, etc.... But what to do for a female?

Ideas please!

P.s. If I can figure out how to post a pic from my iPad, I will



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My dogs usually seem to pick their names. A few times I've decided what the puppy's name would be and then it just didn't fit when I got to know him or her, so they got a different name. My girls' names have been, and I like, Phoenix, Libby, Tater, Josie, Mirage, Kendra, Chloe, Echo, Lucy and Sunny.
Here's a website with some nice names.
Puppy name picking is FUN!!! 

Tina Clement

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Before I got Brody I was thinking of getting a female and these are the final names I was picking from:


But it is true - they seem to pick their own names. Brody actually fit and was 100% a Brody but he also has about 10 nicknames!

Good luck, have fun, and congrats!  

Shelley aka Brody's Mom

-- Get a life..... Get a Mastiff!!

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I like the name Elsa from the story Born Free.

Natalie R.Y, Allouche

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what is the breeders kennel name?? How about the names of the parents, usually it is easier to buid froma theme.  of course if you wwant a girl name that denotes tough, G.I. Jane is good

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I like uncommon names!

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Xena or Buffy

- Nikki
Yabig Mastiffs

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lol M.C. 

Tina Clement

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good ones Nikki!

Brigid: Celtic;  Protectress and Preserver


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Actually, so far I like Ziva ( like from NCIS) AND my son can say that name!

Still taking suggestions though!

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My husband and son came home a few Thanksgivings ago with 3 small black Lab cross puppies that they found abandoned while hunting in the hills.  Two females and a male.  We kept them through the winter, had them spayed and neutered, house trained them, and then found absolutely fanstastic forever homes for them.

We named the two girls Ice and Ace, and the big boy (who is such a big goofball) we named Demon. (Demon's new home a year of so later got a beagle that was also named Demon so now they have Big Demon and Little Demon). 


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ohhhh I like Ziva!!! Plus, I love that show. Very unique and I like unique names! Think you might have a winner!!

Shelley aka Brody's Mom

-- Get a life..... Get a Mastiff!!

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Before I picked the name Reyna (which is a spelling variation of the Spanish word for queen), I liked the name Gemma.

I wanted a strong name (after having a dog named Bam-Bam... I wanted something a little more normal, but still not super common).  So I got on those baby name websites and typed in different meanings, and loved Reyna (and it helps because my husbands entire family is fluent in Spanish.  Not so good for Bam-Bam, as his name is oft pronounced Bum-Bum.)

Anyhow... I still think Gemma is a pretty name  

I hope you found a good, reputable breeder!!!

(formerly USMCita)

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I am going to throw some names out for you....Now, know that my mastiff baby (ok- he's about 20 mos) has the name "Newman"; it fits him perfectly. Our first was Cajun, and our second was Mojo.  Here goes......

Mulligan (kinda boyish but I love it)

Kathleen aka Leen

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I like Ziva too,

I also have thought about
Ellie Mae
Heidi Anne
Charlie   short for Charolette

Pat, Isaac, Sophie and Simon

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I have a list made of girl names referencing Doris Day grandma got me hooked on them.

My favorites are: Ethel, Nanette - "Nannie", Martha - "Martie", Marjie, Ruth, and I've always wanted to name one after my grandma "Edna", But will have to wait until the perfect girl comes along for that!

Dan & Sarah Taylor
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Ziva is a great name!  I love it!

As mentioned previously, the kennel name and names of the relatives are usually good lead ins.  The breeders may already be calling her something that you'll like...

My favorite girl's "call" name was "Stevie" after Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac since she was born in my mother's Fleetwood motorhome and I love Stevie Nicks and the name had a lot of sentimental meaning to me.  I cried when the co-owners changed it, but they didn't care for it :-(  She's still Stevie to me, my mother and sister as we had to stop at a stop sign to deliver her in transit to the emergency vet (in the motorhome) because she was blocking the exit route for her siblings and decided to make her grand entrance to the world in her timing.  Her official name is "Triple T's Fleetwood Express".

All of my Mastiffs had or have names that had meaning to me and/or my family.  You'll know when you meet her and her parents.  Maybe something about them or about your trip to get her... something will trigger something for a meaning in her name that will be important to you.

My girl Zoniha was named by my son after a character in a video game called Bomber Man.  That name was important to him and I loved it and we loved her!!!!

Ziva sounds like a really nice name to me!


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ziva is great!
Good luck for a new girl!

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Originally Posted by owenspride
I like uncommon names!

If we had gotten a female, I wanted to name her Cadence.  It's neat and you definitely will not hear it a lot. [wink]

Always make sure your sarcasm is showing.

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I like......


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I picked kennel names early, but didn't name my puppies until I had them.  they sort of picked their own names, like t.s. eliot's cats. i wanted the name to belong to the puppy.  it took me weeks to name one of them, she went thru about 6 names but she ended up with 'her' name :-)

a friend, who had a male pwd, started reading from a book of boy's names and when she got to toby (which probably took hours!), toby hopped up and looked at her.  she read thru a few more, went back to toby and he hopped up again.  so he became toby.


p.s. because i tell everyone, go to and for free, download "before you get your puppy" and "after you get your puppy", dunbar is a puppy genius and you'll be off to a great start, and don't worry, there are very few of us whose puppies actually met 100 people in 2 weeks or whatever it is<g>.  but it's a good goal.


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Write down the names that you are partial to.  When you get your pup home and can observe her personality one of those names on your list will most likely fit her.  Sometimes they don't and all of a sudden your pup will do something and "boom" they have a name.  I am partial to Gemma cos that was the name of my first mastiff though I spelled it Jema.  I do like Ziva though.  No matter what you end up naming her, have fun, take lots of pictures and enjoy.  Here are some of my favorites.

Cozette (Cozy for short)
Geillis  (Pronounced Jilis, but Jilly and/or Jilly Bean for short)

Oh and Congratulations on your new baby girl!!


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Linda Greeson Rice
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with excellent pedigrees to back them up. All breedings are carefully planned to produce
the very best mastiffs, sound in both body and mind, beautiful and strong,
representing the true mastiff standard.

We fully test our dogs. We believe that a person that "just wants a pet" has a right
to own a beautiful, well bred dog that is sound and healthy
every bit as much as someone wanting a "show dog".

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