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Hello Valued Friends,

I signed up for a dog show in Millwood Virginia at the end of Sept 2016 and beginning of october 2016. This was a conformation AKC sanctioned dog show event.
The Kennel clubs were Middleburg Kennel club
and Warrenton Kennel Club.  (you can see events are still up)   The AKC shows were for five days and held here.         

 I took the week off from work to have fun with my kids. The first two days it rained, however the next 3 days were fine. It was sad that they cancelled all 5 days of the dog shows, after only the second day of rain, did not even consider a 'weather pending'. I had two mastiffs entered and it was a total of $321 for registration, I have friends who invested over $1,000 with dogs and travel. I have never been to a show where they cancel shows so easily and do not post on their website to let people know before they arrive. I have friends driving 7 hours who showed up with their RV. I have been to several outdoor shows before with a huge amount of rainfall(lots more than they had), and it was no problem, the show went on. I think we as dog show enthusiasts must speak up about this as this is clearly wrong. How about a letter telling us the reason three days were cancelled because of rain? I am not even complaining about the tow days with rain. I estimated entry fees for each dog and over 1,300 dogs in the show should be about 100,000 to 200,000 in total monies for these greedy kennel clubs to take, depending on the amount of times dogs entered clearly this is wrong!!!

Shame on these Kennel clubs!!!

If anyone has the same feelings or disagree with me please let me know. 
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