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I came across this site advertising Giant Masos.  Has anyone heard of this "breed".  Is it another designer "mutt" breed......I hate to sound dumb, but is this a new seems as though every time you turn around there is another new "breed".

Jenna C.

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Yes they are a designer breed. From their website..  Oh Yeah Mastiff/ Cane Corso mix....

Very sick people..

They look like very shiny coated  Old English Mastiffs, that come in a wider variety of colors, including FAWNS, GREYS, GREY BRINDLES, SOLID BLACKS, BRINDLES, AND REVERSE BRINDLES, and APRICOTS and  have the great size and lovable, gentle, disposition of the Old English Mastiff, and better maternal instincts, higher intelligence, more muscle and less fat, like the Cane Corso (Rare Italian Mastiff, used to guard livestock), with the protective instincts and the adoring love of children, that both breeds used to create this breed, have. They also love water to play in!!
Some are now taller than both their parents at only 1 year old.  Most of our masos DO NOT SLOBBER as their parents don't either and if any do it is VERY LITTLE !!!!!! 

Sandragon Mastiffs
Where Mastiffs and Dragons play!

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  Once again, it just someone who is utlizing the name "mastiff" to sell his cross bred mutts.

  These dogs are not for the faint hearted--Canes are very strong willed one-person dogs.  They can be very dog and people aggressive and require extensive socialization and obedience training so that one can control them.  Some of them become too much for their owners to handle.  Occassional, mastiff rescue gets calls for these dogs. Crossing them with EM just gives them more size--often it does very little to soften the temperament and "guard dog" abilities of the CC.

Of course, not all these dogs are as edgy as the CC--some do have more of the EM personality--just like the American mastiff there are some who make wonderful dogs.  However, this is another unpredictable mixture.

    Most of these mixes are used as drug guard dogs--so does that give you an idea of why the "general" purpose of this mix?  Usually when the law raids a drug house--animal control is called and any and all dogs are caught and taken away.  When the police raid a drug house that has these dogs, they shoot them on sight.  These dogs are considered too dangerous to handle.

We had two police officers attacked and mauled during a home drug raid here in the Charlotte, NC area a few years ago with  two Preso (or Cane) /Mastiff (or maybe BullMastiff) mixes that had been attacked trained.  The home owner turned the dogs out on the police so as he could make a run for it.  I seen both of the  officers who were attacked in the ER that night--it wasn't pretty. 

These two dogs were vicious.  Most pittbulls are pussycats compared to these dogs.  He had other dogs that were conficated and put down.  It appeared that he had been breeding them.  I bet we can guess who was getting these dogs.

FYI--the owner got shot, too--he lived and now is in prison.

Cathy (Catie) Arney

"Stupid people shouldn't breed--themselves or dogs." Myself

"Stupid is as Stupid does.." Forrest Gump

"If you can't take listening--you got to take feeling." Johhny "Pop" Fisher (Mitch's dad)

"Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment." UnKnown ( but I like it)
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