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I have my Storm on Holistic Select Large and Giant Breed ..Chicken and Oatmeal.

About two months ago, I called  I was trying to see what was done to the food. It appeared
to simply be a newly designed bag, but it also felt "lighter" when I picked it up.

Finally, it was the aha moment. They tell me it was a new formula containing lentils! Lentils cause gas.
They tell me there are other kinds of lentils. The rep. said he feeds that grain free lentils formula and 
his breed has no "effects"..

I felt he or the company should further and test the qualify or the lentils.  My dog started throwing up
and I couldn't figure out why...He threw up all night, and collapsed.  That is our experience with that
food. I really thought he was bloating.

So be aware, the bag with the german sheperd is a new formula. Dix

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