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For a year or more my mastiff has had front swollen paws the size of tangerines and she has trouble walking. We have tried all kinds of medicine and Benedryl but nothing is working. her right front is way worse than her left. We would consider surgery but her heart will not be able to survive the operation....Help anyone?
BTW she is a Bull Mastiff...

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Hi, I am so sorry to hear this, do her paws leak and does she have lesions on them? I am thinking Canine Gout, rare I know but possible. What has your vet said and how old is she. I have to go and sort out my animals now but will check in later. Susie.

PS Would you mind if I shared this in the hopes that we could come up with an answer?

susie reardon

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A thought or two that may help...

My dog had a swollen paw. When the vet said it was a hot spot, I was doubtful. He treated it old
fashioned iodine, antibiotics and a bacteria powder you sprinkle on.

Take a real close look at her paw. If they are fiery read, sore and seem to center lunderneath
the paw, its likely it is a yeast infection...keep the feet clean and dry if at all possible. Then
sprinkle medicated athletics powder on and inbetween the paw pads. Use antibiotics and be
sure to get that expensive sprinkle powder. It's worth every penny!

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