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Hi - I have two 5 yo Cane Corsos I rescued 9 months ago, and I am looking for several things, (1) 2" nylon collars; (2) a comfortable, not crazy expensive walking harness that I can control with when the dog might pull (they generally don't). Have used the Petsafe Easy Walk on my late Presa and I could stop a lunging pull in no time, the experience of which for her made her stop doing it, but I am not crazy about how it seems to hit under the dogs armpits; and (3) a good car harness that is comfortable, works, and isn't crazy expensive either. (Sleepypod is only one I found really well rated test wise, and not big enough for my dogs! Plus expensive.) 
Their necks are approx 23" and their chests are approx 39". Many items on the market aren't big enough. Forget finding a 2" collar in a retail store! I would really like to find a 2" breakaway collar as well. My boy has been known to grab his sister by the collar and see the virtue in a breakaway but have ever only seen in 1" widths.
I am new to this site, and have tried the link to Bib Neck Collars, but it says server not found. Is there still an active site? 
Or does anyone have any recommendations for me?
Thank you!

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The best dog car harness and seat belts are those that will keep your dog safe, no matter what life throws at you.

Even if you are in an accident, a dog harness for the car should keep your dog in place.

When used properly and correctly, you don’t have to fear taking your dog on long distance road trips or onto the highways. In fact, it can calm both you and your dog.

Larger dogs are extremely strong, something all owners should know just by walking the dog. They can easily snap leashes, belts, and even seat belts.

Even worse, it is difficult (and costly) to find booster seats that will hold them. Therefore, the only way to avoid a dangerous situation is to buy a special harness that is built specifically for large dogs.

Bigger dogs can cause a commotion that will distract the driver and can cause an accident. This can lead to some serious repercussions for everyone, including the dog.

I recommend to view the source of the post, there you can find Best Dog Car Harnesses – Independent Review & Safety Tests 2017, and many other useful information.

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