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Greetings from Avonlea!
Recently it was brought to my attention that there's a post showing puppies for sale from Avonlea on a site that I'm totally against. For a short time, while I was carrying the burden of a dying husband , I had a friend who lives a few miles from me and had internet service  ( I don't) post pictures of the two litters I had at that time. This person betrayed my trust and took advantage of my good nature by posting my puppies on this awful site. She also pretended to be me on Fb and various pages. I was even kicked off Fb because of her behavior. This forum is a good place to post, but not all should be written in stone without hearing the other side of the story. Avonlea doesn't just hand over puppies to whoever comes up the driveway. If you knew me you'd know this. This situation of betrayal happened years ago and I'm much wiser for it.  Please feel free to view my site on FB under Avonlea English Mastiffs. Thank you from Avonlea

JL Brown
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