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This is from a paper in The Veterinary Journal published in 2011.
It is about a canine genetics project called LUPA.
"A European initiative taking advantage of the canine genome architecture for unravelling complex disorders in both human and dogs"
It studies genetic markers called SNPs in 35 dog breeds and wolf strains, though the dog breeds are very oddly chosen, with just one terrier, two spitz breeds, and few toys.
Anyway, you get the standard result that there is a dog cluster (showing that they are closely related) and a wolf cluster that separates into a New World wolf cluster and an Old World wolf cluster. What is interesting from our point of view is that the Neapolitan Mastiff is included and it clusters with Mastiffs, Bulldogs, and Boxers, with Bulldogs and Boxers being most close, and Mastiffs in a sub-cluster with them. This tends to indicate that Bulldogs had an important role in the creation of the Boxer, and that there is support for the long-held belief that the British breeds Mastiff and Bulldogs have a long history together and possibly stem from what the Romans called the Pugnaces Britanniae that they found when they invaded Britain. Furthermore, it shows that Neapolitans could also stem from these ancient dogs, exported to Italy. This type of study can't determine how much of this connection might actually stem from a twentieth century importation of Mastiffs for breeding to the remaining Neapolitans.

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The bulldog was the male parent of the modern boxer i believe all lines in germany came dowm from him via bitches from the endemic bullenbieser in late 1800's in munich.
in e somerfields book i believe he was called tom and pure white specimen .

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They only used 35 breeds, which can't fully give an accurate infusion ratio in order to see all influences on a particular breed. Plus there's the skewing of a single breed being loaded with another breed's main influence, which doesn't provide the true reflection of the phenotype expression being that it's absent of other influences.

I've always stated that our modern Mastiffs are but another version of Bullmastiff and in time it may turn out that the genetic trail may validate that speculation.

For the betterment of the breed!

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"If breeds did not adhere to a specific shape, form, and colour range, or if breeders disregarded this blueprint, the breed would degenerate to the point that it would hardly resemble the breed at all. Selective breeding does not just create breeds- it preserves them as well. Breeding purebred dogs inherently means accepting limitations on your freedom to just breed anything"...Catherine McMillan
" A reinforced consolidation of the American and British standards could be the basis for restoring our breed to the gladiatorial glory of its ancient past, in capability if not in usage".....Norman Howard Carp-Gordon
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